Welcome to u3a Tower Hamlets: learn, laugh, live

About the u3a

The u3a (University of the Third Age) gives you a chance to share your knowledge, experience and talents with others, in friendly surroundings. Anyone over the age of 50, and not in full-time employment, is welcome – you don’t need any qualifications. u3a is a university in the original sense of the word – a group of people committed to learning. The Tower Hamlets branch of the u3a was started in 2008, and has since attracted many lively, friendly and enthusiastic new members. There are currently over 120 of us, with a wide range of interests and enjoying learning with and from one another.

u3a Day

Along with all of the u3a members across the country, we celebrated the national u3a day on,  2nd June 2021. This aims  to celebrate the new experiences that come from being in your third age. This annual event is part of  Volunteer Week and will show the amazing and diverse things that our members get up to. We will also be celebrating the multitude of projects, activities, outcomes and new approaches to communication that have emerged from what we’ve learned from life during  the 2020/21 lockdowns. 
If you’d like to know more about what the national u3a is doing, visit the website at https://www.u3a.org.uk.
And in Tower Hamlets, we are encouraging people to join us. If you’d like to know more, please contact membership secretary Jane Earl at Jane.earl57@gmail.com. Membership  currently costs £10 per year and you can access as many groups as you choose, subject to any group size limits.

Our Current Programme gives you an idea of the range of our activities. Download it here:

Current Programme and Summer 2021 Newsletter

or browse through the list of topics on the right.

CORONAVIRUS: Please contact your group leader to find out whether activities are going ahead.

For an example of what we do, have a look at the paintings produced on iPads by our iPainting group.

If you don’t see a subject you like – or if you’d like to lead a Group in your area of interest – just contact us and we’ll help you start!

All events are free to members. If you’d like to join, contact us here.

What we do:

u3a is not what we usually think of as a university. It’s a place where we learn from each other’s interests, enthusiasm, experience or knowledge– and there is no course work or exams!

u3a MEMBERS are people who are interested and enthusiastic about something, anything, everything … so they get together with fellow enthusiasts to talk about it, do it, learn more about it.

u3a MEMBERS are over 50 and not in full-time work as we meet during the day, usually at St Margaret’s House in Old Ford Road.

u3a MEMBERS set up and run the groups, and full support is given to new ideas for even more groups. If you have a special interest or knowledge, then why not join us and share it with others? IT COSTS JUST £10.00 PER YEAR to be a member and you can then join as many of the groups as you want.

How to join:

If you’d like to join, contact us here.

Something to say?

If you’d like to put something on our notice board, have a look at what other members have been saying here.

Committee members:

You can see who’s on the committee here.